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Child Development

Ever wonder how your child will relate to other children or his teachers?  Is his/her shyness normal?  How active is too active? With all of their disobedience is it time to reach out for some help?


By no stretch is parenting ever easy and one can read all the books, magazines, and blog articles out there and still come away with more questions than answers, and more disappointments than successes.  The Great Start Collaborative has a network of resources-real people-you can talk to when you are searching for answers, need advice, or get some direction.  Below are some resources to get the help and answers from local people in your area.


1.  How Brains are Built


Every baby has a growing and developing brain.  This video is a must watch for every parent to understand what's going on inside their minds during these early years


2.   Public and Private Mental Health Counselors


Click here to download an invaluable resource of people to talk to when you have questions about your child's mental development.


3.  Newborn to 8 yrs old Social Development


Here are a pair of resources that will give you many answers to the questions you may have about how your child is acting, thinking, or interacting with others. 

          A Guide for Families

          Social Development Fact Sheet

Check out this tool called the Ages and Stages Questionairre. It will provide you, as a parent, with a great resource for fully understanding your child's development and network you with the resources in your community to give your child the "great start" they deserve!

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