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A useful tool in the COP counties is Kids Otsego Outdoors group.  Kids Otsego Outdoors is a family based fun group that often offers FREE outdoor activities for kids and their parents.  Check out their Facebook page for updates and see all that they have going on.  

Check out the Great Start Collaborative Calendar and see different activities to do during these long winter months! Staying active during winter is a great way to add to your overall health and well being and will help grow your relationship with your children.  

Baby it's cold outside!

Don't let how cold it is outside keep you from getting out with the kids!​


We all would love to crawl under a blanket near the fire during this time of year with a cup of hot chocolate.  However this time of year offers a host of opportunities to get outside with our kids!  Here's some activities to do outside with your kids this winter.


Snow Mosaic
Create a snowy self-portrait that doubles as a tasty treat for animals who might stop by to admire and sample your work.


What you'll need:



Fruits and vegetables (like apples, kale and carrots)  

Food coloring          

Pump bottles


Start by prepping your art materials; fill the pump bottles with different hues of food-color-tinted water and cut up various fruits and vegetables. Then take the materials outside.
Next, start your masterpiece by lying back in the snow to make a body print. Gently rock your body to pack the print, then carefully get up (you may need a friend's help).
Create a portrait by filling in the shape with the seeds and vegetable pieces and adding details with the colored water


Helpful Tip:
Younger kids may find it easier to work with fewer materials and to use cups or small pitchers (instead of their hands) to pour lines of seed. Remember to have the artists sign their initials somewhere, too!


Pine Cones Bird Feeders


What you'll need:

Pine cones



Ziplock Baggies



How to make it:


Gather some Pine Cones. Spread some shortening on the Pine Cone, tie a small piece of yarn to the cone. Next put the cone in a baggie with bird seed, shake until the cone is covered with the seed! Go outside and hang the feeder so the birds have a treat!


Hint: hang the Bird Feeder where you can view it from the indoors, children will have fun watching the birds eat!!


Hoop It Up

Who said Hula Hooping was only a summertime activity? Grab a few hula hoops, and have a contest to see who can last the longest. It's a lot harder when you're all bundled up!



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