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Great Start is a collection of people who care about the young children and their families in Cheboygan, Otesgo, and Presque Isle Counties of Michigan.  We are a team of parents, teachers, health care providers, mental health professionals, churches, and many other professionals seeking to foster the growth of healthy communities that support children and families. 

Through collaborating together, our vision is to be inclusive of all families and community members beginning prenatally and extending throughout life.

Our hope is to offer a wide-range of quality opportunities, during the early childhood years (Newborns to 13 years old), so our children will be well prepared going into their teen years.  

Interested in joining us?  We are always wanting people to join us in this endeavor to give our kids a GREAT START to life here in Michigan!   

Pre-School Scholarships

Each year the Great Start Collaborative works to give scholarships out to children who need help getting the GREAT START that pre-school gives to kids.


Click here for more information regarding our pre-school scholarship program.


Help is on the way to get them ready for school! 

It's NEVER too early to begin getting your child ready for their first day of school. Whether it is braving the first day of pre-school or heading off to 3rd your child ready for their first day? Teachers are finding out that more and more children aren't ready for their first day of school.


The Great Start Collaborative has worked with teachers and parents to develop many resources to empower you, as a parent, to work with your child giving them a GREAT START for their first day of school.


Click the button below for information and resources as to what you and your child should expect and what tools they will need to succeed on their first day of school

This program and the materials are funded through a grant provided by the Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential

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